Jess Connell, host of Mom On Purpose podcast // momonpurpose.comHello there– I’m Jess Connell, host of Mom On Purpose podcast. I’ve been married for 16 years and am a mom of 7-going-on-8 fun kiddos. (To learn more about me, listen to episodes one & two.)

In my years as a mom, I’ve noticed something: our generation of moms has SKADS of books and resources available to us, telling us all the (conflicting-with-one-another! confusing! guilt-inducing!) ways we should do this thing of mothering our kids…

… but we’re missing out on one of the pivotal things moms have had available to them for millennia:

a community of like-minded women who are willing to share their:

  • LIVES,
  • and the FRUIT of those beliefs

with us in honest, life-transforming ways.

Mom On Purpose podcast // momonpurpose.com

For women who believe the Bible, we have a model for how we can do this. Titus 2 instructs older women to share their lives with younger women, focusing in on the relationships and decisions that affect us most over the long haul: in our marriages, with our kids, and in our homes. The purposeful one-anothering God laid out in Titus 2 is a gift for Christian women, and my goal is for Mom On Purpose to be a Titus-2-type resource for you.

Mom On Purpose is designed to connect moms like you with other moms like you. These moms may be further down the road from you in one way or another. They are:

  • moms who are imperfect, but striving.
  • moms who are learning as they go, but have some lessons to share in one or more key areas
  • moms who aren’t raising perfect kids, but who are working to be purposeful in the choices they make

Don’t let go of the intentional heart you had when they placed that child in your arms: Keep becoming the purposeful mom your children need.

Join in and listen as we learn from one another, one interview at a time.


And if you have feedback or a guest suggestion for the podcast, send it my way! I’d be delighted to hear from you.